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Your Independent Advisor

We are a team of 100% independent financial advisors, who always works towards finding the best possible solution for YOU.

We mainly offer financial advice to private households in connection to:

  • Buying property - including negotiating with the bank and mortgage companies
  • Optimizing your finances when you are preparing for your retirement.
  • Changes in your financial status, e.g. unemployment, divorce, or retiremen t.

Are you a business owner, don`t hesitate to contact us either. 

Our first meeting is always free of charge and without any obligation - call 22 98 01 78 and hear more about how we can help you, or send an e-mail to jjo@bofinans.dk

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Gl. Kongevej 1
1610 København V

Phone: 22 98 01 78
E-mail: jjo@bofinans.dk

Office Hours:
Mon-Friday: 8.30 - 16.30

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Janne Jochims | Proprietor and Financial Advisor
Tlf. 22 98 01 78jjo@bofinans.dk

I am educated as a Banking Counselor and have worked with providing financial counseling to private customers for more than 20 years - spending several years within larger danish financial institutions in Greater Copenhagen. I have aided many families in financing their property dreams and have optimized the daily finances and debt for many households.

I am 100% independent, allowing me to always work towards the optimal solution for my clients.

You can contact me via phone or e-mail - and the first meeting is always free of charge and without any obligation.

Inge-Merete Østerlin | Financial Advisor
Tlf. 20 70 56 09im@bofinans.dk

Throughout the years I have worked in both Banks and Mortgage Companies. I have very strong skills within property buying and the financing of this.

I have always loved advising clients within financial issues.

I am meeting you with an open mind, is very empathetic and promise you to do my very best to help you with your questions and need for independent advice to help solve your issue.

I have lived and worked in UK for 10 years, my English is fluent, both written and spoken and I know how difficult it is to get approvals as a non danish speaking or a non-EU citizen in DK.  Let me help you with that.


Julie J. Engelbrechtsen | Administrative Assistant

Julie is our Administrative Assistant in charge of accounting, invoicing, handling phone calls and other crucial tasks.

Get 1 free hour of financial counseling - Without any obligations

Would you like to know more about how our capable advisors can help you with your financial reflections? Fill out this form and receive a call from Janne or Inge-Merete, in which we go through the possibilities hidden within your finances. Contacting us is completely non binding, and the first talk is always free. You will not be charged for our counseling, unless we agree on an advantageous strategy for your financial situation.

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Fill out this contact form and receive a phone call from Janne or Inge-Merete

You may also call 22 98 01 78 on week days 8:30 - 16:30
or send an e-mail to jjo@bofinans.dk